Awesome, i found a Greenmarket !

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Quest (!) to quickly find fresh products to cook to my Clients, as well as French products (since my cuisine is mainly French oriented) was one of my major concerns.
In France, my friends who lived – either a few days or a few months to the USA – were all unanime:
“Christophe, you should know, in the USA, there aren’t any markets with fruits and vegetable, there are no good cheeses,
no deli-meat (is this translation OK ?), no this, no that…”
Yes, I am sure that one person at least will know who I am talking about.
Well well well….after some searches on Internet, a few talks with friends here and there in the US, somebody mentioned to me:
“Hum… by the way, i think that there is a green market at Union Square…”
I had to go see it…
The market (or one of the green markets in NY, as I imagine that there are more) is the “Union Square GreenMarket“!
Located on the main square, this market will become my first supplier of fresh products. We can find fruits, vegetable, meat, fish, cheese, flowers, honey, edible flowers, etc.., all of these originating from local producers. Beau-ti-ful new 😉
There are a lot of beautiful stands selling fruits and vegetable. However, it is much different for meat, fish, cheeses: there are no producers having a refrigerated window like in France Markets, and it is necessary to place an order. But this is a good beginning.
Gathering around the aisles, I even found a welcome stand where i decided to stop to ask some questions and grab the famous “map” of the location of the different producers on this market.
To my surprise, there is even an application for smartphone, which I downloaded right away ( available on the AppStore and GooglePlay ) and which allows you to know the available product and which producers carry them.


No doubt I have found a place where I will find the necessary produce to implement all my recipes.

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